Launch and Recovery systems (LARS)

A pioneer of Launch and Recovery systems (LARS) for ROVs, tools and hard-suits since 1978, and have made more than 120 Work Class ROV LARS to date. These compact systems are ‘fully integrated’ where Lawsons solve all integration issues in the design rather than the customer having to solve them when he buys a spread of different suppliers equipment. LARS are split between ‘specials’ and ‘products’, range from 1-16Te SWL (load lifted from the deck), to handle 100-8000m of cable usually 6-150mm diameter, and all operate to Sea State 6 or higher. These products are sold world-wide. Zone 2 hazardous area units are a standard feature of what we do.


Cranes and lifting equipment

We have a long history of making small cranes and davits for cargo and man lifting. A lot of these have been for maintenance access, wet bell, diver baskets etc. Many have been fitted into existing spaces as an afterthought. One of our specialities is making compact equipment.


Hydraulic Power Units

We have a range which extends from small packs in cupboards to in built systems in ships. The power of these is from 1x5kW to 3x125kW.



Winches have been the mainstay of Lawsons business since 1965. Wire rope, fibre, umbilical, hose, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, diesel powered. We estimate we have more than 300 different winch designs.


Personnel and Goods Lifts

We make lifts for safe area and hazardous area use. These comprise; goods, personnel, naval stores, access and special applications. Along with hoists and elevators, lifts are one of our oldest products.



We have extensive testing experience, particularly for machines with ropes and cables, lift beams, loose tackle, hydraulic systems and electric control of these. Everything that we make is tested. In addition we also do a large amount of sub contract testing for others.


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