The LARS enables safe launch and recovery of a ‘Torpedo’ style AUV from a vessel of opportunity, allowing operations to be performed in a ‘hands off’ manner, with the exception of the crew attaching launch and recovery hand-lines.

The LARS is all-hydraulic, comprising two winches mounted within a rotating and travelling carriage, suspended from a travelling beam which is in turn carried by two pivoting A-frames mounted on a skid. The rotate feature renders under load from either winch line to orient the winches with Autosub and once lifted from the sea, aligns it before recovery to the deck. Either winch lifts the SWL; both render to counter high snatch loads during recovery.

The LARS is powered by the ship ring main or an HPU. A detachable control station is located on one side.

The LARS, excluding AUV, is transported in a standard 8’-6” (2.438m) high ISO shipping container (open top).

Alternatively, the LARS can be transported on the back of a normal lorry. It can with care for its positioning be transported with the AUV in the frame in this instance, lifting arrangements take account of changes in centre of gravity by driving the beam carriage into the balance position.

A dedicated Lifting Sling set is provided – (4-leg slings, galvanised steel wire rope & connecting bow-shackles- bolt type with nut & split pin).

The design minimises set-up time and the requirement for an external crane during erection (a crane is needed remove it from the shipping container).

For ease of mobilisation, the LARS can be craned into position on the deck and subsequently picked up by the LARS without any further manoeuvring of the AUV.

System Specification (As previously supplied, all modifications available on request)

  • Launch and recovery system for a 4Te Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
  • AUV Format: ‘Torpedo shaped’ 5.9m Long x 0.9m Diameter
  • Operating Length 5.8m, Width 2.2m, Height 3.6m
  • Stowed Length 5.8m, Width 2.2m, Height 2.2m
  • System Weight 10Te
  • Rope Capacity 50m

News article showing our LARS launching the AutoSub. 


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