Our brief was to allow our clients to transport a LARS and RD2 rock drill inside a shipping container anywhere in the world on any container ship to minimise their travel costs.


We created a ‘transformer’ in the form of a Certified Shipping Container which then transforms into a LARS with HPU.

The A-frame when erected has 2 pivot positions one low level position for straight over the side or stern of the ship and the other upper one for lifting over a bulwark. The LARS handles a tool or ROV, in this case the subsea rock drill with carousel magazine for stored cores.

The HPU is the first 1m of the container and the A-frame the rest. Subsequently in 2012 we made a ‘winch in a box’ to work with this unit which is a winch section and an HPU section which is interchangeable with a store section.

Technical detail

BL1871 – LARS for BGS RD2 rock drill (circa 2010). Combined A-frame and HPU in a CSC Container (travels anywhere in any position in the container ship)

  • SWL 7Te with 25Te Design Load
  • Hydraulic and remote (belly-pack) electric control
  • 2x55kW HPU section splits from winch section

3-stage telescopic A-frame unfolds from Container, whose sides form the skid. Self-erects telescope, snubber and crossbeam. Operates over bulwarks or from stern or side: 2 position A-frame pivot, add-on inserts extend reach, bridge frames carry deck load back to counterweight (the winch) for wooden deck use, has 4 wooden deck bolt matrix patterns.