A moonpool Launch and Recovery System for Remotely Operated Vehicles is a useful option where it is desirable to reduce the effect of vessel roll and pitch on the launch and recovery process and also reduce outboard handling which carries a number of risks and challenges.

In the case of this Moon Pool LARS for an Intervention class ROV the LARS contributed significantly to the ability to work from a small vessel as smaller vessels suffer more pronounced roll and pitch response to waves. Using a smaller vessel allowed the user to work in shallow water which was key to the customers operating sector.

The Moon Pool LARS consists of a skid and cursor frame, cursor, sheave, cursor handling winch and an umbilical handling winch as well as being provided with an integral Hydraulic Power Unit which makes the system quick and simple to install as a ‘turnkey’ unit.

The ROV is launched and recovered by the umbilical winch with the cursor winch used to dock the cursor once the ROV has been deployed.

System Specification (As previously supplied, all modifications available on request)

  • 5Te rated Hydraulic Cursor Winch
  • 5Te rated Hydraulic Umbilical Winch
  • 150m of umbilical cable storage
  • 30m/min umbilical deployment and recovery speed
  • Umbilical winch includes a level-wind device for even cable lay
  • 44kw Hydraulic Power Unit
  • The LARS working, and transport footprint is that of a 20ft Shipping Container
  • System Working Height 6m, Width 2.5m Length 6m
  • System Weight 10Te
  • Moon Pool Length 2.0m, Width 1.4m
  • ROV Height 1.1m

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