Our recently delivered basket loading system offers a value for money storage option for long cable runs typically found in the subsea cable sector. The issue of a highly labour-intensive process of laying up and the risk in handling to high value cable are resolved without the high cost and inflexibility of a carousel or turntable system.

Lawson Engineers can supply a complete system ready to address your cable storage needs or a portable loader arm for installation into your existing cable basket.

The loader system is electrically powered. An incorporated hydraulic pack supplies the Rotate, Vertical and Cross travel drives. The system is operated via a wireless remote control which is supplied with a wired communication and power backup cable as well as manual ‘handle on valve’ controls for maintenance and recovery.

The level laying of the cable is both efficient for storage and for subsequent removal of the cable as well as being key in preventing damage.

The system allows the operator to adjust the cables lay down point directing the cable as needed. The loader arm has no difficulty in keeping up with the up-stream processes which is another advantage when using this system.

This mobile system can be deployed to cover multiple cable baskets allowing maximum benefit from each machine. The simple and robust operating concept and build quality ensure low cost, reliable operation.

  • Low up-front cost by comparison to carousels and turntables
  • Reduced operating cost with fewer operators required – Machine simplifies cable handling such that it could be performed by a single operator (In practice we recommend two to avoid lone working)
  • Greatly improved operator safety by removal of manual handling of cable
  • Risk of damage through rough handling is greatly reduced over manually loading baskets
  • A robust machine which is easily maintained


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