A significant variation on our work class launch and recovery systems designed for heavy duty working in shallow waters where increased winch speed contributes significantly to increasing operational capacity.

The umbilical winch has an upgraded drive arrangement which gives the capacity for the extra speed during recovery and whilst operating in an additional tension-controlled mode whilst still maintaining the simplicity and reliability which is a key design feature of these machines. The hydraulic power pack is also significantly higher rated to support this.

The A-frame has been widened to accommodate a range of ROV attachments and the deck has been upgraded to support high point loading.

System Specification (As previously supplied, all modifications available on request)

  • A-Frame and winch have a 16Te Safe Working Load in up to Sea State 6
  • Winch speed 66m/min during recovery, 4m/s during tension control.
  • Winch storage 600m of 38.5mm diameter umbilical
  • HPU power 260kw
  • Winch footprint length 2.8m, width 2.9m, height 2.8m
  • A-frame footprint length 9m, width 3.4m, height stowed 3.5m
  • HPU footprint length 4m, width 2.5m, height 2.6m

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