With the success of our standard work class ROV LARS we have often been asked to prepare a more entry level system. To meet this need we developed a Lightweight work class ROV LARS which brings both cost and weight savings. This system takes design inspiration from the early standard LARS and while it lacks some of the features which add extra value in the standard systems it retains the benefits of the continuous improvements that have been made in this product family.

Design features which have been removed but which can be re-instated as options: Telescopic Legs (increases possible stack height), Telescopic Deck (provides extra working room and option to split the stack), Snubber side swing (kinder to the umbilical when working with side off-lead from the A-frame), winch drive redundancy, HPU pump-set redundancy, radio remote control, reduced skid length, reduced SWL, reduced speed.

System Specification (As previously supplied, all modifications available on request)

  • A basic launch and recovery system for light work class ROVs
  • Road portable mobile system for vessel of opportunity
  • A-frame safe working load 8Te for recovery in up to sea state 6
  • Winch safe working load 8Te for recovery in up to sea state 6
  • A-Frame footprint 7.6m long, 2.9m wide, 3m high (stowed), Weight 12te
  • Winch footprint 2.4m Long, 3.6m wide, 2.6m High, Weight 10.6Te (excl umbilical)
  • HPU footprint 2.4m long, 1m wide, 2.6m high, Weight 3Te
  • HPU power 110Kw, Single pump-set

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