A lightweight Launch and Recovery System for an Intervention class Remotely Operated Vehicle. Comprising a winch with integrated Hydraulic Power Unit and an A-Frame with docking head. The ROV is securely handled from above deck to outboard whilst latched into the motion damped docking head. Once outboard the load is transferred to the umbilical winch by un-latching for deployment.

This system has been designed to meet Air-Portability requirements so can be rapidly deployed on a worldwide basis. On arrival at a ship of opportunity mobilisation simply consists of connecting the system to the vessel deck via sacrificial weld down brackets and connecting power. The HPU, Winch and A-frame controls are integrated, and hydraulic connections are made via quick release couplings.

By keeping the design and function as simple as possible but no simpler this system has been designed around the intention of being robust, reliable and easily maintained.

  • System is an Air-Portable, Turn-Key integrated Launch and Recovery System
  • A-frame safe working load 4.5Te based on recovery in up to 4.5m significant wave heights
  • Winch safe working load 4.5Te on top layer
  • Winch storage 1000m of 29mm diameter umbilical cable
  • Umbilical deployment and recovery speed of 30m/min
  • Winch incorporates level-wind device for even cable lay
  • Winch Width 2.4m, Height 2.4m, Length 3200m
  • A-frame Width 2.4m, Height (stowed) 2.4m, Length 6m
  • A-frame footprint is that of a 20ft shipping container
  • Winch mass excluding umbilical 7Te, A-frame Mass 7Te
  • HPU power 45Kw

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