New build LARS for sale

LARS launch and recovery systems engineers

We have in stock a new build LARS, available for immediate delivery. For all enquiries, please call (+44) 01228 711470 or email


  •  SWL to 12Te (load lifted off the ship/platform deck)
  • Load at max depth to 18Te (A-frame)
  • 2.88m between A-frame legs (for 3.5m overall width)

Electro-hydraulic LARS specification in brief: 

  • DNV Structural Appraisal and Design Verification Report issued
  • Fully integrated system – bolt it down, connect power and it’s ready to use
  • Suitable for mobile or fixed installation use
  • 3300m winch (based on 46mm diameter cable)
  • Parallel-groove drum shells
  • Automatic level-wind
  • 50/60Hz operation
  • 2x75kW (at 50Hz) load-sensed, power-limited HPU (2x90kW at 60Hz)
  • Telescopic A-frame
  • Self-erect A-frame
  • Trolley deck 2.6m travel
  • Raise-lower snubber
  • Side-swing snubber 
  • 210-degrees rotation on snubber
  • Damping and damping lock for landing the ROV stack
  • Load cell and line-out monitor
  • Control: Handles on the valves 
  • Remote control (wireless or wired)
  • Cabin remote interface
  • Winch sits on the skid to minimise deck space, or behind it
  • Speed 50m/min mid-layer
  • Recovery time from 3000m <60-minutes 
  • Spooling and cable termination completed
  • Lawson TMS bullet (if required)
  • AHC friendly – Scantrol’s system adds on at any time
  • Free issue items expected: umbilical, slip-ring, HV junction boxes (we fit all of these and terminate)
  • Deck brackets provided

Optional extras: snubber platform, access stair to it, drum cooling (internal & external), AHC, Regenerated power loadbank, lighting, HPU Air-blast cooler module, stiffened trolley deck (greater load), canopy, anything else on request.

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