Mechanical Design: 3D CAD AND FEA

Lawson engineers uses Solidworks, Autocad for drawing and Algor for finite element analysis.


Hydraulic Design

We have extensive experience in hydraulic design of control systems for winches and cranes.


Electrical Design

All electrical design is done in-house.


Equipment Manufacture

All newly designed machines are made in house. We retain all those skills required to produce every part of one of our machines in the work force. For repeat machines, and when we are really busy we utilise a group of trusted subcontract fabricators and machinists. Some of these companies have been working with us for over 30 years, and their systems and ours blend seamlessly together for the work that we ask them to do.


Testing and Certification

In addition to testing the machines, we always ask for B3.1 material test certificates for any job. If a higher level certification is required, that will be provided. All Lawsons machines are factory acceptance test and certification provided by ourselves. If third party involvement is required we will comply with the customer wishes for design approval, manufacturing survey and witness of tests. Whatever the customer needs.


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