BW1878 astern reeler

A flat hose system for replenishment at sea. This has 2.5″ bore hose and is all electric drive for Zone 2 Hazardous Area.

CSC Containerised LARS System (A transformer)

Containerised LARS for ROV or subsea tool allows shipping anywhere as a CSC container. Container transforms into a 5m wide handling system with a 1m section holding the Hydraulic Power unit to drive the LARS.

16 Te SWL LARS, 4000m Depth Rated

Integrated system comprises: winch, A-frame, snubber and hydraulic power pack (not shown). The skid or deck mounted winch includes an automatic level wind and constant tension. A-frame features include telescopic legs, extending deck and docking snubber with rotate, lift/lower, 2 axes gimbal and swing damping. Control is either hydraulic or electric/ PLC and operation via radio or cable-link remote control.

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